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up Parent Directory 21-Jan-2019 16:34 - directory Project datasheet 21-Jan-2019 10:18 - unknown 51___063.PDF 27-Sep-2018 05:26 18540k unknown A319 SRM 55-32-11, REV.125 Identification - LEADING EDGE - VERTICAL STABILIZE... 01-Oct-2018 14:01 528k unknown A319 SRM TASK 51-77-12-911-005, REV.125 Skin Repair (General Wet lay up).pdf 01-Oct-2018 13:43 168k unknown A319 SRM TASK 55-32-11-283-002, REV.125 Allowable and Repairable Damage Limit... 24-Sep-2018 11:45 184k unknown A319 SRM TASK 55-32-11-300-012, REV.125 Outer Skin Repair of cracks running p... 24-Sep-2018 11:45 88k unknown A319 SRM TASK 55-32-11-300-019, REV.125 Vertical Stabilizer Leading edge pane... 01-Oct-2018 13:43 68k [TXT] Bill of work 19.09.2018.txt 19-Sep-2018 04:24 44k unknown REPAIR 048 THRUST REVERSER LOOSE RIVETS Goodrich V2500 A1-A5 Nacelle SRM Rev.... 21-Jan-2019 09:54 208k unknown REPAIR NO. 12 BOTH SKINS AND CORE REPAIR - PREPREG PROCEDURE CFM56-5B rev.56.pdf 22-Sep-2018 12:25 1336k unknown Repair 47 Thrust Reverser aft lower edge V2500 A1-A5 SRM Rev.35.pdf 19-Jan-2019 10:17 240k unknown SOF UZ-BE54_Shuttle Bus Schedule_valid as of August 21_2018.pdf 09-Sep-2018 07:12 48k unknown SRM 54-20-00 REPAIR NO. 11 ONE SKIN AND CORE REPAIR - TWO-PLY AREAS - WET LAY... 22-Sep-2018 12:25 1756k unknown SRM 54-20-00 REPAIR NO. 6 EXPANDED COPPER SCREEN (ECS) REPAIR CFM56-5B rev.56... 22-Sep-2018 12:18 420k unknown SRM 54-20-00 REPAIR NO. 7 DAMAGE MORE THAN 0.25mm CFM56-5B rev.56.pdf 22-Sep-2018 12:16 1332k unknown SRM 54-20-00, REPAIR.2 CARBON COMPOSITE SKIN LESS THAN 0.25mm CFM56-5B rev.56... 22-Sep-2018 12:13 264k unknown SRM REPAIR NO. 10 DENT REPAIR - COSMETIC - INNER AND OUTER FAN COWL SKIN CFM5... 22-Sep-2018 12:25 492k unknown Sealants for Outboard Flap Rubstrips.pdf 21-Jan-2019 16:34 64k [TXT] Tool report.txt 26-Sep-2018 13:45 4k

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